Meet Chef Patrick Wiese;

It takes a great culinary adventurer with creativity and passion to live a life of cooking for others. Chef Patrick Wiese possesses these traits...Definitely with a twist!!

Owner of the Infamous Twisted Kitchen Food Truck and Catering in the Hammer has earned him extensive accolades for his adventurous palate and boundless creativity.

Beginning with the twisted path that brought him to this moment; he’s originally from Chicago, where both his Mom and Dad were HUGE influences on young Patrick. Especially in the kitchen! He was irresistibly drawn to the wonders of the kitchen; the “family lab” where taste and smell, colour and texture all played together to create a symphony for the senses. For the past 10 years he’s been calling the GTA and surrounding areas his home. But he’s stoked to now call THE HAMMER his home!

Personal Chef to many high profile clients and celebrities including Oprah Winfrey, Kate Beckinsale, Idris Elba and Avril Lavigne here at Canada and abroad.

There are no boundaries or borders in the Patrick Wiese culinary world; just endless possibilities.

Chef Patrick’s mind is always imagining new ways, to twist the food we all know and love by giving them just the right balance of fun and frivolous flair to create approachable but enticing menu items.

He’s now sharing the most recent twist on his path.

We’re looking forward to sharing an intimate evening with you!

Request seats now using the email form below:

HI and welcome to the "Intimate" series!! get ready to have some fun with me! 4 Courses at a time.

Please fill out the form and pick a date and qty of tickets and I will get back to you!

Remember that when you book there is no cancellations. in order to make this a Culinary experience you will never forget I need to make sure that once a seat is taken I committ to it and start to develop the secret menu for you and that evening. Got a group ( minumum of 12) you can get the whole night to YOURSELF!!! Im very excited to bring this series to you! THIS IS VERY INTIMATE...YOU GET TO SEE MY WORLD!! Afew days before the actual date of the event I will send you an email with tasting notes for you to pair up some beverage of your choice. BYOB

Then let the fun begin!! AROUND THE WORLD WE GO! where we stop nobody knows!

see you soon,

Chef Patrick Wiese